Strategic Business Planning

… plan for success

While each entrepreneur, individual and business is different, there are three common ingredients to every endeavor in life … strategy, people and a plan.

This innovative Strategic Planning model is based on the Flow Chart Process. Participants are coached through a simple but effective workbook that takes participants through a step-by-step integrated process of planning their business.

Each exercise is designed to help entrepreneurs connect the dots of their business to build a more results oriented plan to reach their strategic goals and objectives.

Based on years of hands on use this model brings the human element into what has typically been a static planning process to make it more dynamic and practical for today’s business owner. New knowledge will be discovered after completing the process that will propel the entrepreneur to new levels of performance.

This model is simple to use, easy to understand and able to be condensed to a single page. By collecting information in a way that is visual and educational, participants will discover answers to challenges and build new knowledge that increases the likelihood of success.

Participants will:

• learn more about their entrepreneurial mindset as it relates to planning

• incorporate the human element into their planning

• plot a strategic course for their business using this innovate and results oriented product

Upon completion of this strategic planning process, participants will have a one-page blueprint to follow and share with team members.


“After observing Sally Smith take two colleagues through the process with excellent results, we asked her to assist us. We went from one of the worst financial performance years in 1996 to the best in the company’s 13-year history in

In the 10 years since the first plan, we have continued the process on an annual basis. It has become the way we plan, teach and measure the critical elements of our business while involving every staff member in the process.” (S. Gudmundsson, OccuTec, Inc.)

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