TEAM Mindset

…maximize performance

Traditional descriptions of successful people often include characteristics such as passion, self-motivation, vision, and risk-taking. It is true that successful people often have these characteristics or traits. However, these could be used to describe all of us at certain times, or in certain situations. These characteristics or traits are often a result of different life situations, educational backgrounds, and experience levels. All of these factors help to shape the mindset. The mindset then forms a preferred work style and an approach to life.

So, what distinguishes a person who is successful from someone who is not? Being successful in business or life is not limited to one particular characteristic or trait. The key to being successful– whether in business, or in achieving your life goals, is to understand how to harness these traits and other important skills to attack the challenges, hurdles, or issues that life presents.

A successful Mindset can be defined as a balance of functions, skills, or preferences. A mindset can be entirely internal to one person, or it can be a collection of people and processes, such as a management team of a company or our relationships with others. This balance can be achieved by working with others who compliment our style.

Looking at your own mindset will give you an awareness of what might be holding you back from reaching your full potential and achieving your goals. By seeing what your tendencies are in terms of focus and strengths, you can then determine what areas you should focus on to ensure that your mindset is more balanced.

Mindset dominance, or strength, leads to preferences, which in turn often lead to interests and interests lead to acquisition of competencies.

We are the result of our nature and our nurture throughout our lives. Typically, people stay within their comfort zones and consistently exercise their strength, while at the same time failing to understand and develop competencies in areas that are not their natural tendencies or strengths. This causes us to approach business and life with only 25% of the whole picture and skills necessary to accomplish success. We are out of balance from the beginning and continue down that path until we know better.

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