What others are saying about The Mindset Series®

“After observing Sally Smith take two colleagues through the process with excellent results, we asked her to assist us. We went from one of the worst financial performance years to the best in the company’s 13-year history.

In the 10 years since the first plan, we have continued the process on an annual basis. It has become the way we plan, teach and measure the critical elements of our business while involving every staff member in the process.” (S. Gudmundsson, OccuTec, Inc.)

“I wouldn’t be where I’m at today had it not been for Strategic Life Planning. Even though there are continual ups and downs in life, as long as I have an updated plan, I’m assured all will be well. When I look back at my plans over the last years – with the goals accomplished – I just shake my head and smile in awe of how this process works again and again. It’s awesome!” (C. Westphal)

“Sally Smith was pivotal in the creation of my organization’s strategic business plan. This had been a project that we had struggled with for years. Sally made this a painless, expeditious, and cooperative process. She was able to gain everyone’s participation as well as their buy in regardless of their role or status within my organization. Key Performance Indicators as well as the accountability to reach acceptable levels of performance were established. This was accomplished with input from all areas of the company and with little to no conflict. I would wholeheartedly recommend Sally Smith to any organization as a valuable resource in any planning or organizational process.” (D. McDowell, Austin Nichols)

“I had the privilege of hearing Sally speak about her career path at an event. Her message, simply stated, was dynamic. I kept thinking about her and how she had achieved her success. Sitting at my desk a couple of days later, I did something I’d never done before. I picked up the phone and called Sally. I said, ‘You are someone I want to know.’

She told me about her Strategic Life Planning groups–small groups of around 10-12 people meeting once a week for 6 weeks. I knew I needed this; I was at a crossroads in my life and I had no idea what I wanted to come next.

In the workshop, I learned that I didn’t think big enough or get enough clarity in my thinking to set some definite and attainable life goals for myself. I still have my notebook from that course!williamsonhughespharmacy.com

I told her just a couple of days ago, “Sally, if I hadn’t had the courage to call you that first time, I wouldn’t get to be experiencing the success I’m enjoying now.” (K. Riley)

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