Strategic Life Planning

…choose a direction

Without a plan, we are destined to live a life of default, responding to life as it happens. With a plan, life still happens, but we can better anticipate the impact of events on what we hope to accomplish in our life.

The Strategic Life Planning process is designed to help participants choose and design the life they seek. This proprietary planning model allows participants to emerge from the maze of life and discover where they want to go.

A good plan provides clarification, it helps establish solid strategies that are compatible with each other and it provides a method for measuring progress.

Through this workbook driven workshop, participants identify information that is key to setting priorities, evaluating choices, establishing goals and determining action steps to build their life plan.

Participants create a mission statement, strategically select goals and then design a strategic plan to accomplish them, using this integrated process. When the sessions are completed, the participant leaves with a single-page blueprint of the life they have designed.

As the process takes over, participants experience a new level of understanding about themselves. The final step is to put everything together in one cohesive flow and establish measurements. The planning evolves into a way of thinking and is reusable.

Based on a business planning model, Strategic Life Planning has been completed by numerous and varied audiences to achieve quantitative and qualitative successes and to bring balance to their life.

Participants learn to:

• “choose” their life

• plan their life

• develop action plans to live that life


“I wouldn’t be where I’m at today had it not been for Strategic Life Planning. Even though there are continual ups and downs in life, as long as I have an updated plan, I’m assured all will be well. When I look back at my plans over the last 10 years – with the goals accomplished – I just shake my head and smile in awe of how this process works again and again. It’s awesome!” (C. Westphal)

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