The Realization

September 8, 2010 by  

I had a great experience this week. It was almost exactly one year ago that I met this impressive young man in a Strategic Life Planning workshop. He was about to leave for college having just graduated from high school. There were about 16 people in the session all anxious to bring some understanding to where they wanted to go and do in their lives. Planning sessions are always such a great experience as participants start to discover their purpose and direction for the life.

This young man was exception at his understanding of “what” it is all about – our life and living. Everyone in the session was impressed with his insight and that it got the concept of choosing his life while others had struggled for years.
As we completed the day, I asked if he would stay in touch and let me know how his plan worked and his journey of life as it continues to unfold.

The phone rang and on the line was this young man. He wanted to share his past year’s journey and first year of college. As he shared his successes of his plan, I could hear the confidence in his voice of taking control of his destiny. I knew he was on his path and would not return to accepting a life of default. He finished his call promising to stay in touch and continuing to update his life plan as the goals and dreams almost effortlessly were completed.
As I hung up, I realized as I have realized hundreds of times with stories such as this one, I am so happy that I discovered my purpose in life and live it each day through planning my life and living my plan. I will never wonder what I was supposed to be doing while on this earth.

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