Young People and Strategic Life Planning

September 25, 2010 by  

The youngest group of participants that I have facilitated life planning with was a group of middle school students. Some might think that someone in middle school is too young to even understand what Strategic Life Planning is all about.
I was fortunate to know the principal of a middle school whose wife and daughter had planned their life in one of my workshops. From their experience he knew I had a dream of facilitating youth to validate my belief that young people could understand life planning and would benefit from the process. A group of 10 students were chosen to experience this planning.

Over a period of a few weeks, the participants were taken through the process. I still remember their faces and the dreams that each had, and still consider the group one of the most successful. It seemed the timing was perfect. I remember one young lady who when first joining the process wanted to be a rock star. Her dream was not founded on any substantial ah ha or conviction. After completing the session, she discovered she really wanted to sing and that many roads in life could lead her to that opportunity. Had she been left with her original thought, she was sure to feel a failure or disappointment about life if she had failed to become a rock star.

She may be a rock star today….but even if she isn’t, I am sure her life dream has come true and she is singing someplace.

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